Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you feel lost? Like you’ve lost your place in the world? I have. And here’s what I’ve learned. Previously to feeling lost you were going hard and consistent at something that made you feel like you had a place. A purpose. And out of nowhere, you either lost your motivation, passion, or path. For me, there was a year where I was going hard after fitness, modeling, singing, and dancing and then an entire year where all of those things became non-existent in my life leaving me feeling completely lost and confused.

You may have been knocked down. Your level of passion has dwindled. Your motivation isn’t as high but that doesn’t mean you can stop. One of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King is this:


At one point maybe you could run. You had complete momentum and control. But now…now you feel like you’re crawling. But crawling is better than being stagnant. On my own journey I’ve had to learn to just do a little bit of something. It may not be what I’ve been capable of before, but I am still moving forward. It’s been things as simple as putting on my running shoes and going on a 2 1/2 mile run at 11pm instead of not. Being inspired by a song and spending 30 minutes coming up with a new dance routine. Writing down a new modeling project idea onto paper that has popped into my head. No it’s not at the level I was once at, but it’s something. And something is always better than nothing.

change ahead

I’m at a place in my life where I’ve had to start over from the bottom again. Which is a double edge sword because 1. It gives you a fresh start to reinvent yourself and do things better than you once did them, but 2. You have the ability to compare it to previous accomplishments and at times you feel like what you are currently doing isn’t enough to get back to where you were.

That is where you have to COMPLETELY ignore what you have done in the past. The past is the past. It isn’t coming back. So running 2 1/2 miles at night, making 1 new dance routine when I get inspired, and writing down a plan for a new modeling photoshoot. If I do that enough times, which is called repetition, something great will form from it.

My best friend Sabrina is one of the best people to help me understand what to do when I feel lost. She simply says to wake up everyday and just do something small. Don’t throw yourself back into complex situations. Just do a little bit each day and over a small period of time, all of those small things will form into a big thing.

Example: Let’s say you used to be in phenominal shape. 5-7 days a week. Going hard. Momentum. And then you got injured and it took you out of the game for 6 months. Now you’re ready to get back into the swing of things. Can you just start by going hard 5-7 days again? Sure. But chances are you are going to hurt yourself because you’re shocking your body. You must start from the bottom again. Little by little. Step by step. And then after doing that for awhile, you’ll be ready to go hard again. Your body will be ready. Well….your brain works the same way.

So if you feel lost, confused, like you have lost your place, here’s my advice:

1. Wake up tomorrow and go to bed having done something you didn’t do yesterday. Something your future self will thank you for. Whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life again

2. Do NOT compare yourself to your past accomplishments. If you are in a position where you have to start over again, see it as a new beginning to do something bigger than what you currently did

3. Write down your daily accomplishments. Keep a daily journal and everyday add on one more thing that you accomplished today than you did yesterday.


But over all, NEVER STOP MOVING! Trust me I know what it feels like to crawl at something I used to run after, but I also know that if I’m crawling, the enemy will never win. As long as I keep moving forward.



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