We go to hamster school. Then go out and find a good hamster wheel to spin on

5x a week, 9am-5pm, Become dependent on our job or company. If you take away the wheel, the hamster freaks out. The wheel is all that it knows. The wheel is in a cage and it spins with relative ease. The hamster knows how to do it. Doesn’t have to think about it at all. But there are a few hamsters. About 5 out of 100 who go into Hamster Depot. There are so many wheels to choose from!! It’s overwhelming. But it sparks something inside of those 5 brave hamsters. They begin to think:

” I don’t want any wheels”

These hamsters decide that they’re going to do something different. Instead of punching in and running on the wheels, they’re going to make wheels, create mazes, make hamster food, etc. and sell it to Hamster Depot. These hamsters are what I refer to as the RATpack. Going this route takes time, but it’s fun. It’s hard work. They work 9-9 instead of 9-5 because the line between fun, excitement, adventure, and work begins to blend.

But now these hamsters want to help other hamsters get off the wheel to come experience what they have seen. They become a “coach”. But the question still remains, “How do I help other hamsters get off the wheel like I did?”

Well…it’s NOT going to happen by you telling them anything. You will fail as the hamsters coach unless you get the hamster to voice for himself the reasons, and the feelings of why he absolutely MUST get off the wheel. It all comes down to asking questions. Discovery. Finding out. Being interested. Having empathy. They see a different world than you do and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, what else would they see if it’s all they’ve ever known? (How would you know what a starfruit tastes like if you’ve never seen one)? You have to find out what’s inside their head. What are their fears? What are the bad points of their life? What are the good points of their life? In order for them to have a different life, the other hamsters must tell you all the reasons that they MUST get rid of the wheel. They must tell why they must fill their life with what will make them feel it has meaning and purpose. If you tell them or convince them, you’re doomed. You’ve failed as a coach. If they tell you, your coaching career has just begun and it’s time to move forward with that hamster with the goal of experiencing life without the wheel.

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