Just went in for my progress report checkup for a 30 day challenge I did in Crossfit, which I started a month ago.

The 30 day challenge consisted of: 8 hours of sleep per night, strictly Paleo, no alcohol, and a certain amount of water consumption.

It was a tough 30 days, and my social life basically dissipated. I expected to lose about .5% body fat. I ended up losing 2% body fat, gained 2.5lbs of muscle, and lost 2lbs.

I did this challenge not to “transform” my body, but to really prove to myself that small, daily disciplines add up to sustainable results that my future self will thank me for.

I know that what I did the past 30 days is not maintainable on the scale that I did it at. I know that the results I received were pretty drastic, but I also know that now I just set myself up to keep going. I have a plan to live my life based off of small, daily disciplines that may seem insignificant today, but in 5 years time, my relationship with Jesus Christ, my knowledge, finances, body, mental stability, and mindset will be 10x stronger because I made this decision today.




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