While in Key West

5:30am. Some of us grab coffee. Some of us go right back to sleep. Here we come Key West.

10 hours later, our first pit stop to feed grouper. At first, this doesn’t sound that exciting. But it was actually really fun and really entertaining. These fish are so big!


Finally arrive to our hotel at the bottom of the Keys. Didn’t realize the drive was going to be so long. But the view was amazing. The water is so clear and so colorful. When we got to the hotel we realized we forgot to make any actual plans for the weekend. So we ask around and someone says to do the Ultimate Adventure. Ultimate Adventure it is.

All day Saturday we jumped on a Catamaran and headed out. First time snorkeling. I just love feeling free, having space around me, and being in different environments and settings. The second they let us leave the boat, Lori and I swam as far away from the boat as we could. We were determined to see a shark or a sea turtle or really anything larger than a 6″ fish.

My face when I very much did not see a sea turtle or a shark. Honestly we saw like two fish. And of course when we got back on the boat, a sea turtle followed by two dolphins swam past the Catamaran. Whatever. I wasn’t complaining. I had a blast. Still a life dream to swim next to a sea turtle. Next time.


Next stop: Parasailing. I was always under the impression that parasailing would be frightening and an adrenal pumping activity. I braced myself right before going up and expected some girl screaming to come out of my mouth. Extremely relaxing and quiet. So quiet up there. So peaceful. You can see so far out. It’s just beautiful.

Then some Jet Skiing. I know some people love Jet Skiing. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. But I don’t love it.

The next day we rented paddle boards for the day. Totally opposite experience than my first time learning a month before in choppy waves. Turns out its much easier to get up on a paddle board in calm water. Who knew. We headed out, saw some stingrays swim under our boards. That was cool. There’s something so exhilarating and authentic about seeing animals in their natural habitat rather than in captivity. Makes your heart pump.

Solid trip. Best group of people. Chad’s rare sense of humor and ability to talk to anyone, Lori when she gets giggly and adventurous, and Derek’s excitement over the smallest of things. Plus a low maintenance, hard to piss off group of people is definitely the best group of people to travel with when you’re going to be with them non stop for 4 days.

Alright well…..till next time.



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