In “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey I read multiple stories about married couples who were not on the same page financially.


BLEW my mind!

I’ve also seen it firsthand where multiple couples are getting engaged, about to get married, and have no idea how to budget, nor is that a subject they’ve ever discussed with their significant other.

Also blew my mind!

I started budgeting when I was 19. I’m talking wrote down every single purchase I made on a daily basis, categorized into specific subjects, wrote down all income coming in, and at the end of every year I calculate it all up.

The app I started using and am still using today, 3 years later, is Biz Expense Tracker. So simple.


When I met Derek, he didn’t budget. So just like my friend had done with me, I did the same with him, had him download this app, showed him how to use it, and explained how vital it was that he budgeted and knew where every cent of his money was going. Because I’ve also been taught this. “If you don’t take control and tell your money where to go, and boss it around, it’ll boss you around and you’ll have no idea what happened”.

Derek and I didn’t need to be dating, engaged, or be married to be having these discussions, and we weren’t any of those three things at the time. For me, this was a normal, everyday kind of conversation that I had with anyone I remotely cared about.


Today, we are engaged, and it’s ridiculously simple. We both individually know where every cent of our money is going, how much is allocated to what subjects, how much we spend on different categories, and all we have to do the day we get married, is sync our apps together. Bam. Done.

When we get married there won’t be any stressful surprises.

Most of us already know this, but a huge reason why most people get divorced is because of finances. Finances and budgeting are a HUGE deal!!

So for those of you who are dating someone who could potentially be the person you are going to marry one day, I mean ESPECIALLY you folks, get this subject covered NOW. Get on the same page. But even those of you who aren’t dating someone, get this figured out for yourself. If you don’t, chances are you’re on a slippery path towards financial stress and destruction.


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