A Vancouver Canada Dreamtrip

We just got back from our 5 day trip to Vancouver, BC Canada with the travel club Derek and I are apart of.

Here’s what was included:

-5 days and 4 nights at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

-Excursion up to Squamish for Sea to Sky Gondola and Eagle float

-24 Hour hop on hop off tour of the city

Booking this trip, I had no idea what Squamish was, or a sea to sky gondola, or an eagle float, nor did I know if I was going to enjoy a 24 hour hop on hop off tour of the city. Sounds kind of boring but what the heck.

So here’s what happened…..

*Derek’s  first train ride in a city and first real experience IN the mountains (he was so happy)

*A Dreamtrip of 4 Americans and 25 people from Asia

We got to watch little 4 year old Felix from Hong Kong, who couldn’t understand us due to our lack of being bilingual, experience snow for the first time. I’ve seen, smiled, and waved at hundreds of these people in the past, but never had a single conversation due to the language barrier. Traveling with these different groups changes that. You start to REALLY care.


The first day in Vancouver, they took us on an hour drive up the coast to the mountains in Squamish to go snowshoeing and tubing. I always thought snowshoeing sounded stupid boring. SO…….Hard pass. Until it became my favorite part of the entire trip. Whoops.



We didn’t exactly know we were going snowshoeing or tubing so Lulu lemon tights and jeans didn’t quite make the waterproof cut. Two rides down and we walked our cold butts back to the lodge for a well deserved beer. But again, watching one of the people from Singapore, who was wearing Converse shoes, try to walk up the hill carrying two tubes, and just slipping and falling numerous times, WORTH IT. =]




*The view of Squamish!! 

OMG. I wish I could have taken pictures that did it justice. We’re officially investing in a drone. At this point, I’m confident this place takes the cake on Colorado. The drive up. (Just go). The view at the top of the mountain (Just go).



*24 Hour Hop on Hop off Tour

Turns out I was wrong again. Shocker. The tour was legit. Basically get to see the whole city. And it’s legit. Talk about character and charm and beauty every direction you look. They had this sweet Marketplace where local vendors come and sell their food and crafts. Best place ever. Best french onion soup I’ve ever had. First time having poutine. Chad and I fell in love with the Brewery’s beer “Winter Ale”. Loved it so much we went back twice and bought a 6 pack. The views again. OMG.

So the trip rocked. We’re putting this on our to go back to list. Taking my dad next time because he had major FOMO and this is his favorite place. Coolest thing too. The price of this trip. I don’t care so much about price as I do value, quality, and experience, but if price is a bonus, why not. The packaged trip per person was $479 (not including airfare). The hotel we stayed in is a 5 star hotel going for atleast $250 a night just by itself. (But Derek and I ended up going for $250 per person because we had points you accumulate that you can use towards trips). And the convenience of it was what did me in. Had I booked this trip myself I would have NEVER stayed at that hotel, and would have never thought to package together Squamish, hop on hop off tour, etc. I just wouldn’t have known. But it was done for us. Just pay. Show up. and the tour guide hooks you up. Done.

Go on a Dreamtrip! It has that name for a reason!


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