The nutrition plan that will work for you, me, and everyone else.

This is not an article about why you should do the Macros “Flexible Dieting” program. Through our time doing this nutrition challenge, we found that this specific program worked wonders for a good handful of us (me included which I’ll talk about below) and didn’t work at all for others. This article is about course correction and how to find exactly what nutrition program WILL work for you.

What is course correction?

  1. The process of incorporating a new habit for a period of time
  2. Tracking detailed data every single day
  3. Assessing your data after that period of time
  4. Continuing on with what worked (+)
  5. Incorporate something new for the things that didn’t (-)



“Course correction is the key to having success in any area of our lives. We will either learn the skill of course correction, or we won’t.”

“Write it down and make it plain. There is power in writing it down. Having it in writing keeps it in front of you. It holds you accountable. It’s a measuring stick. That’s what shows you if and how you’re winning.”

Another nutrition challenge (Here we go again):

In December our Crossfit box started a new nutrition challenge, where you had to track everything, in the most detailed way I’ve ever seen or done. (In basic detail it’s based off of eating a specific balance of grams everyday in Protein, Carbs, and Fats suitable for your individual body and activity level). Never hurts to try something new right?

30 days in, turns out it’s the best strategy I’ve ever been introduced to and I never want to stop doing it!

A month into the challenge and loving it, a buddy of mine from Connecticut reached out to me for nutritional help, so naturally I guided him through the same process I went through and got him on the challenge to see if he would also have positive results.

Mathias’s Story:



-Living the NY lifestyle of Coffee, pastries, and deli sandwiches

-Never done any home cooking

-17.5% bodyfat

-No physical activity

-Measurements: Neck 15”, Chest 41”, Hips 37”



-Tearing it up in the kitchen. Omelets, chicken, tacos, tuna, salads, smoothies, etc.

-Haven’t retested bodyfat

-No Physical activity

-Measurements: Neck 14 1/4”, Chest 40”, Hips 34 1/2”

Some wise words from Mathias himself:

“At this point my family and friends are noticing the changes and it’s so hard to explain to them that it’s not a diet but an actual lifestyle change.”

“I did this diet once that had me on 550 calories a day. Knowing what I do now, I simply starved myself back then. Who would have thought you actually have to eat to lose weight?”


My Story:


Extreme bloating/digestive problems

-Consistent naseau during workouts


-Random weight gain and weight loss

-Periods of total loss of appetite


-Bloating gone/no digestive problems

-Haven’t been nauseous at all during workouts

-Metabolism sped up

-Weight is stabilized

So why course correction?

Mathias and my goals were different. Mathias is on a path to get healthier, lose weight, and set up a solid nutritional foundation for himself leading up to starting Crossfit, and my goals this time were less about the scale and more about finding the nutritional strategy that gives my body its best shot at performance so I can continue to excel in my sport.

I’m not saying that the Macros Nutrition Challenge is the answer for you, and I’m not saying that it’s not. What I am saying is that just like a car, which needs the proper amount and specific style of fuel to make it function at its highest performance, our bodies are the same. But every body is different so there isn’t a one size fits all secret. In fact, even though the Macros Challenge worked very well for me and I will continue on with it as a part of my everyday nutrition lifestyle, a week after the challenge was done I bought a protein powder that I haven’t had in months, and one week into having it I was bloated, naseous, and had digestive problems again. What the heck?!! But because I had done my due diligence of writing everything down, I immediately knew the source of the problem and stopped taking that protein. 2 days later….Problem solved. Back to feeling awesome. Now that protein is on the “Do not eat” list. So even though the Macros style of eating works for me, It’s not all free sailing from here, and I’ll find that out through the process of trial and error and course correction.

So how do we go about finding what’s best for us? Do SOMETHING. It could be as simple as start drinking one gallon of water a day, or it could be something as complex as starting an entirely new and unfamiliar nutrition challenge, just like we did. Either way, do something different. But these are the absolute MUSTS.

-Do it for atleast 30 days (my personal opinion is 90 days for concrete changes)

-Track as much data as you can every single day

-Assess what happened once you’re done

-Keep the positive changes. Incorporate something new for the negative ones

That’s it. Simple to do. Simple not to do. The line between success and failure is much smaller than we think.



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