While in Miami.

It’s been planned for months. Thursday-Sunday. South Beach Miami. Derek and I.

Until just kidding. My best girl friend (in fact the only female friend I’ve ever stayed close to for 5+ years), randomly flew in from Denmark on Sunday.

We’ve spent the equivalent of 24 total hours together in the past 4 years.

All of us have small dreams. One of my mine has been for Derek and Sabrina to meet. Mediocre to you. Surreal to me.
Thursday she packs her happy little butt into our car. Miami here we come. Road tripping is the foundation of our friendship. So it’s only right to continue a perfectly perfect pattern.

Thursday and Friday we were in vacation mode. Went to Nikki beach in South Beach (go there on a weekday it was amazing). Hung out in our own private cabana, had drinks, swam in the ocean. I’ve only ever seen cabanas in music videos. Turns out when you get just a little bit better at travel and pay just a little bit more, your experiences can very much increase in quality.

Saturday and Sunday. Two days sitting in uncomfortable chairs for 10 hours a day, not great access to food and water, standing in massive lines, and having absolutely no personal space. The exact reason we came to Miami.

Why? Because most of us live, breathe, and sleep around average. Not trying to be rude. We just do. It’s all around us. Can’t avoid it. But in the midst of that cloud there really are extraordinary things in life. Sometimes in the form of people, companies, organizations, technology, etc. Rare they are, but if you seek them out you will find them. Believe me I married one in the form of a person, and the other in the form of this business.

Now we’re in the car heading back home, listening to R City, I’m writing this blog, Sabrina stole my pillow and looks very cute napping in the back seat, and Derek is very graciously driving us back. Sabrina will be off to Denmark tomorrow, Derek and I will be in Hawaii shortly, and next summer we will all be back together when Sabrina takes us on a trip around Europe. We made all of our travel plans at this very moment in the picture below.

Side note about Sabrina. I’ve been doing a ton of developing personally these past 5 years. Sometimes the people who were once in your life don’t always stay. Your core values change. You grow in different directions. It’s fine. It happens. Not this one. She makes me proud. She paints a smile on my face. She’s got this specific set of character and personality traits that I adore. She’s gracious, attentive, listens, asks meaningful questions, acceptionaly open and vulnerable, rarely complains, extremely playful, and always curious. Miami was already going to be incredible in its previous plan, but Miami and Sabrina combined was a spitting image of why I chose to develop myself and my life with purpose in the first place. And developed our life has become.

Hawaii we will see you in one week.


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