GoRuck Tough: The disliked, the liked, and the necessities.

I didn’t watch a single video, I didn’t look at the website, I didn’t do research, and I didn’t train.

The GoRuck Tough was 5x worse than I anticipated. I can honestly say that as a whole, I disliked the event. Some people find pleasure in it and it fuels them. That person is not me.




  1. Physical discomfort
  • Having sand lodged in every crevice of my body so that when it got into my eyes, I wanted so badly to get it out but couldn’t because there was nothing on my person that was clean
  • Having my whole arm go numb. This has been happening in Crossfit for the past few months but in Crossfit I can stop if I need to. During this event, that option wasn’t as accessible
  • Raw feet- My words exactly were, “I literally feel like the skin has been ripped off of my feet and has rolled up into my toes.”

2. Physical incapabilities

  • There was this log portion where all of the women were on one log. Whoever got stuck on the ends got screwed (Alexis and I). They would yell to get the log overhead and I swear I gave it everything I had and that damn log did NOT leave my head. Then they would have us move the log from the left side of our shoulder to the right side. I was taller than everyone else, so when we moved the log, it would just slam me in the head. After awhile that started to internally piss me off.



  1. Team
  • I’m all about team bonding. I like working together, encouraging others, and keeping the moral up. I enjoy doing my part and accomplishing tasks that can’t be done alone. I eat those kinds of experiences up. This event provided that and for that I am thankful.

2. Mental toughness

  • It’s been a minute since I’ve had to endure something that forced me to mentally check out. I can’t say that I ever thought about wanting to quit. I never questioned what time it was or when it was going to be over. I just focused on accomplishing the tiniest task at hand. It was good to be in an environment that forced me to get into that mental gear again. It was an “I still got it” moment.

3. Finishing

  • The feeling of finishing a challenging task gives us a high. The feeling of quitting is like taking a depressant and puts us in the pits. Days, weeks, and years after we’ve accomplished something, we will instantly feel triumph and victory inside. Days, weeks, and years after we’ve quit something we will instantly feel regret. The feeling of finishing this is a feeling to be chased after.


4. Relatable to my husband

  • My husband was in the Navy for 6 years and went through BUD/S twice. He’s told me a bunch of stories and while I have been able to comprehend what he is saying, I could never feel it. This was no BUD/S but when I told him what we did, it made him feel like I understood him at an entirely different level. This was probably my favorite outcome. My husband and I are best buddies and we are always trying to close gaps where there’s a lack of understanding. We want to be able to relate to each other as much as we can so that our perspectives are always being challenged.




-Backpack (I used a Ruck bag that I borrowed from Bianca)

-Reflector on the outside of the backpack (so people can see you at night)

-Headlamp (Mine was in my bag and malfunctioned early on from the salt water. I’d put it in a dry sack until the ocean part is over)

-Dry Sack (Place an extra outfit in there incase your clothes rip or for changing directly after the event is done)

-Snacks (There is so little time to eat. I’m talking a few 5 minute breaks. Have a few Cliff bars that can be consumed in one shot and some beef jerky)

-CamelBack (I had a 3L one and went through two of them in 12 hours)

-CamelBack spout protector (A lot of our spouts were getting broken and torn off when we had to crawl. Either buy something to go over the spout to protect it or make sure your spout is hidden inside the backpack during those times

-Electrolyte tablets (I bought them from REI. I placed one tablet in my water prior to starting)

-Wool socks (Bring two pairs!!!! If there was one thing I’d do differently it would have been to have two pairs of socks and once we were done with the ocean stuff to change into dry socks during one of the short breaks!)

-Comfy shoes. (I wore Nike running shoes)

-Clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined (I wore lulu lemon leggings and a T shirt I didn’t care about. I only wore Lulu leggings because I don’t own any other kind and I’m honestly surprised that they survived. My shirt is trashed. Wear full length leggings if you’re a chick. The mosquito bites won’t be as bad)

-Mosquito repellent

-Extra Hairbands




In the beginning I said that as a whole I disliked this event. Here’s why:

  1. I believe this event provides a great environment for you to check where you are at with being mentally tough. I’ve personally gone through challenges in my youth that forced me to find mental toughness. I lived in that gear for years. I’m in a season of life where while I’m glad I still have the ability to turn that switch on quickly, I kind of want to enjoy this break that I currently have. If something happens and I’m forced to go into that gear again, I’m all about it and I will, but I don’t currently find pleasure in purposely placing myself in those scenarios. 
  2. When you do vigorous challenges like this that push your body past what it knows, I think there needs to be some cash set aside for the aftermath to help assist in nourishing your body back to where it needs to be. Again, I’m just not in that season right now. The money I’d like to put into my body is money we need to put into our businesses. It’s just a priority thing.



If you’ve considered doing a GoRuck and you enjoy these kinds of things, DO IT. Seriously. That’s my advice. I may have disliked it, but I wouldn’t take back doing it.



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